Terms and Conditions

We simplified our terms for our customers.

Here a quick overview of who we are and what is our goal

  1. We are OFFM Digital Limited a Performance Marketing and Software Company. 
  2. Our first priority is to make 100% satisfaction of our clients.
  3.  We are very friendly in support and communication.


Here are quick terms that you must follow

  1. Be friendly in communication
  2. Make us much more clear about your projects and requirements.
  3.  Prepay required for specific projects.
  4. We don’t refund digital products or Services.
  5.  For buying leads you must agree with our discussions or you if have any conditions let us know before buying leads from us.
  6. As we are a performance marketing and software company we do not responsible for any of your illegal activities that are against Islamic law or Govt. Law and regulations. Our duty is only to provide software and marketing services.  and that’s all.
  7. By placing any order you are responsible for any kind of terms that may be determined later by us.

This is all about our Terms and Conditions.